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Hydrafacial MD®


  • Calms acne and inflammation
  • Decongests blackheads 
  • Softens and exfoliates skin
  • Evens tone and texture
  • Hydrates and nourishes with vital nutrients
  • Big impact with minimal time investment

The best 60 minutes of your skin's life!
At Magnolia, each and every hour-long Hydrafacial MD® is customized to improve your skin after the first treatment while you relax.

Imagine a skin treatment that requires minimal time investment, no downtime, and is 4 treatments in ONE! Hydrafacial MD® makes it a reality with one of the most versatile treatment systems available which can be customized to improve any skin condition or concern. From brides wanting to look amazing on their wedding day to teenage skin that is battling acne, Hydrafacial MD® offers solutions to achieve your healthiest, most beautiful skin possible! 

What makes Hydrafacial MD so unique? It’s a quiadrupple threat by including 4 treatments in one service! Your treatment starts with a deep cleansing using a special wand with patnent-pending tripe action tip. This simulatoneously exfloliates while penetrating a deep cleasnsing solution into your skin. In addition, light suction whisks away dirt and debris. Next up, your skin is gently exfoliated with an abrasive wand and then bathed in a light chemical peel. This is followed by comfortable suction assisted extractions of blackeads and skin congestion. To finish, your skin is treated to a cooling infusion of antioxidants, humectants and nutrients. Most patients can’t believe the glow they leave with after this treatment and often remark how is it the most hydrated and soft their skin has EVER felt!

Because the products and serums used during your Hydrafacial MD® can be customized, this treatment is appropriate for every skincare goal and concern. Salicylic serums and gentle extraction make it a wonderful option for oily/congested skin, while light resurfacing and moisture infusion make it the gold standard for dry, dehydrated and malnourished skin. Your Licensed Aesthetician will adjust your treatment each time you visit to ensure that your present condition is treated and you continue to see improvement. It’s no wonder, at 60 minutes per treatment, that Hydrafacial MD® is a patient favorite to maintain their skin every 4 weeks.

Immediately following your treatment you may be slightly flushed. This usually subsides within one hour. You may apply makeup after your treatment, but we recommend that you allow the products to penetrate until the next morning after your treatment. Most patients love how their skin looks after their Hydrafacial MD® and many “selfies” have been taken immediately after!

Improvements can be seen in as little as one treatment, especially if you are scheduling your Hydrafacial MD® to treat congestive acne or hydrate your skin. Our Licensed Aestheticians recommend scheduling your treatments every 4 weeks for skin maintenance. If you have an upcoming special event, it is best to schedule your Hydrafacial MD® 1 to 2 days prior.

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